Slug that I am, I

Slug that I am, I was just waking up when the earthquake hit.

I didn’t feel the first earthquake that I was in, I felt the next one – 1996 or so in my second floor Capitol Hill apartment. I was sitting in a chair reading. My thought at the time was that it was very strange to feel things shaking, but not have some stable reference point (ie: the ground) to refer to. Not exactly revelatory.

The second was a year or two later, I was reading a book in Elliot Bay Books’ basement cafe & I suddenly felt a little disoriented – kind of wobbly. At first I thought one of my chair legs was shorter than the others, no. I looked around & noticed someone else was eyeing the room confused & I heard the word “earthquake” amongst the cafe chatter. Most of the people in the cafe didn’t seem to notice & for those who did, it only caused a brief blip in their conversations.

Today’s earthquake certainly felt stronger than those past ones, but I wasn’t really scared like some other people seemed to have been. This is no indication that I’m particularly solid or level-headed – as indicated by this gem, pulled from the wreckage of my old geocities site.

The friendly Australian entrepreneur says

The friendly Australian entrepreneur says he has it on good authority that Fidel Castro is in poor health & isn’t expected to live through the year. Said Australian insists he’s poised to corner the market on U.S.-to-Cuba tourism.

Mainly I was thinking of

Mainly I was thinking of first-person-narrative-type travel comics. Justin came up with F. Andrew Taylor’s On the Bus, Joe Sacco’s Palestine & Safe Area Gorazde, & Tom Hart’s Ramadan. I dusted off Goff, Nieves, & Hayden’s Tales From the Heart and Rich Tommaso’s Let’s Hit the Road. I guess I don’t really mean to be compiling a list, I was just kind of feeling like reading some more comics along those lines. There’s always Paul Theroux I suppose.

Here’s a bunch of email from my Europe trip. I’m still cleaning it up a bit & reformatting.

I picked up a neat

I picked up a neat comic called Marco Solo #2 today. It’s about the author, Shannon Brady, traveling in Thailand. It starts out with a nice series of anecdotes where he’s heading around Bangkok with a friendly & occasionally trustworthy local; near the end the story gets a more grounded and he kind of sets things up for the next issue. I like the artwork – a little cartoony, busy (but not over-crowded compositions), and a nice clean Chester Brown-ish line.

His webpage.

Other good travel comics: Josh Neufeld’s travel stories in Keyhole, Justin’s unpublished Russia notebook, Peter Kuper’s cheesily named ComicsTrips. Tell me if you know of any others.

Sign of old age &

Sign of old age & dementia: Set up cup, measure out some tea leaves, & go off to wait for the kettle to boil. Five to ten minutes later, wonder why the kettle isn’t whistling yet, go back to the kitchen, & realize that you never put the kettle on.