Let Them Know

“You know how you associate certain albums with certain times and places? This one reminds me of living in my old studio apartment. The one I mentioned before.”

I feel a similar association with a song that comes on later. But the one overwhelming thing that this song makes me recall is itself. The song is timeless.

When it ends, iTunes plays through the rest of the album. Then, before moving on to something else, it chooses to play that song again. The feeling of hearing it rushes over me as strongly as ever, but the associations I feel have shifted. There is still the song, but now I also picture the moment we heard it the last time.

Can’t Dance

Dancing with my neighbors in the entryway of someone’s apartment, I catch sight of myself in a mirror and notice that I still can’t dance. My head bobs to one rhythm, my feet shuffle to another, and neither of these motions resemble the tempo of the song that’s playing. So I reposition myself directly in front of the mirror, turn away from it, and keep moving.