Alki, By and By

  • an eagle on the beach
  • a pair of Rollerblades that fit tight
  • a sign post bent into the shape of the front end of a pickup
  • a “Private Beach Keep Off” sign
  • a green cap
  • a yellow polo shirt with the words “I Know Massage” printed on its back
  • half a dozen monkey puzzle trees
  • two radio controlled gliders, roughly the shape and color of seagulls
  • a latter day addition to a historical marker acknowledging the names of those who are only referred to as “and wife” on the original monument
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Duck in the Night

Walking back through Myrtle-Edwards Park after dark, I stop to inspect a shape laying in the grass. I take step closer and ask, “Is that a duck?” The shape shifts it’s weight defensively and turns its green mallard head to look at me. I can just make out a female right beside him, unstirred. I move back toward the path, “Sorry to disturb you.”

I’d almost swear that I spoke the words, “Is that a duck?” before I thought them. If that’s the case, then maybe the ducks were only there after they were thought of.

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Don’t Trust Anybody Over Eleven

It just now occured to me that it’s unlikely that doctors will ever send patients into orbit (where today’s astronauts tend to lose calcium) to treat their arthritis. Weekly Reader lied.

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Now It’s Over Here and It Looks Like This

I’ve been meaning to do a thorough overhaul of the site for quite awhile, but just haven’t gotten around to it. So this afternoon I decided just to start with broad gestures: New domain, new webhost, new CMS, and here we are. Most old links still work, some of the older photo entries are busted. The changes would be a bit further along, except I left it at one point to play croquet in the park.

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A Crazy in the Park

Ken Hucherson is a Kirkland preacher who declared a boycott against Microsoft after they supported a state gay rights bill. At this moment, he’s running laps in Cal Anderson Park across the street from me, a park that was named after the state legislator who tried for years to get a gay rights bill passed. He’s yelling as he runs — not about anything in particular, or at least not about god or about gay people. This isn’t his first visit. He was out here one day last week too.

Also, he’s dyed one side of his goatee gray and the other black. I like his beard that way, it looks good.

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