March 2005 Print Calendar

Below this paragraph is a link to the thing that I will call — in bold type and partial italics — the March 2005 Beans for Breakfast Print Calendar. This month, the featured paper size is Letter Size. The ISO A4 version receives the parenthetical treatment, but will be the featured paper size at a later time.

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Fillipi’s Old Books and Records

[Fillipi's Old Books and Records]

Fillipi’s Old Books and Records, Seattle’s oldest bookstore, is closing. There are wide gaps in the shelves and the posted store hours have diminished to ten a week.

This family owned shop opened in 1935 and moved to the building at Melrose Avenue and Olive Way in the ’50s. It expanded until it’s collection of books, records, sheet music, and vintage snapshots and movie stills filled the building’s three storefronts.

In the last ten years, I’ve spent a dozen afternoons browsing there. On my first visit, I bought a hundred year old anthology of short stories by Scottish writers for $3.50. It had the self-contradicting title, Stories by English Authors: Scotland. I went to a park and started reading it, which soon became difficult as the book still had some uncut pages. At the time that Stories by English Authors: Scotland was published, books were bound with some facing pages bundled together. Readers had to use a knife to seperate pages — to get from page to page. At the time, I assumed that it was a binding error.

Atlas’ Girlfriend

Earlier, I saw a young fashionably dressed couple walking up Broadway. The girl was chatting away, when the guy just stopped short and planted his feet in the middle of the sidewalk. The girl went on for a couple of steps before noticing that he’d fallen behind. She turned and walked back to him, and he nodded at a spot on the sidewalk, calling her attention to a scarf that she’d just dropped. She bent down and picked it up and then they continued walking up the street. He probably would have just slowed down to pick it up, and then rushed to catch up with her, except to do that he would have had to put down the live duck that he was carrying with him.