Seattle Waterfront, Sunday

Went to League night on Friday. Talked about shaving, Flickr, bigfoot. You know, guy things.

Now I’ve Heard Everything Else

Last night on Letterman, the musical guest was a loung-y big band act who played a cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Today I overheard a guy answer his phone and identify himself as Oedipus. I’ll ask the obvious question: What mother names her son Oedipus?

Friends and Strangers

I have two 8’x10′ prints, one each of the two photos posted here. One is for the first friend or acquaintance who claims it with a comment that doesn’t use the letter “E”. The other goes to the first stranger or internet-only acquaintance who does the same, but with a comment that includes no vowels except for “E”. I can mail the print or hand deliver it, whichever makes sense.