The Red Planet

I’m always putting things off. I set a goal. Days pass. Then weeks become months and I haven’t even started anything yet. I make time only for daily life. For example, this morning I realized that I’d been putting off my second space voyage for more than four years. That’s longer than some of my friends have even been blogging!

So today I hauled my rocket out of storage and took it to the park just to clean it up. As soon as it was set up, everyone in the park put their books and strollers aside and gathered around and asked me all kinds of questions. When I told them I was going to take the rocket to Mars, everyone was really encouraging. Some people even offered to chip in on gas money. To be honest I hadn’t even considered leaving for Mars today until I said it out loud. But, I thought, why not?

It ended up being a pretty good trip. I didn’t stay long since I had to get back home in time to ship today’s orders, but I got outside and kicked up a little dust. I’d watched out the window the whole way there, so I just read for awhile on the trip back. Then I typed up this blog entry on my Treo.

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