I had a long conversation with Chris that wound from our views of The Situation back around to, “Would you ever think of going back to work at Amazon?”

I gave an inch: “I might consider it. It’s so hard to find work right now and it would be so easy for me to get a job at Amazon.” He said he’d learned a lot from the things he’d done in the two years since he’d quit and that it might fit in with his long-term goals.

He explained that he’d have to have a nice job, not a buying position, but something where he could really kick some ass, get some things fixed. This reminded me of the whole cycle of forgotten, unrealized, & re-rediscovered ideas.
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Kentucky Fried

This morning I walked over to Kinkos to send a fax. While waiting for the light to change at Broadway I saw my friend, the card collector, approaching from about a block away. We waved, and he broke into a run to meet me.

He made it across the crosswalk while the light turned yellow.

“How are you doing?” I asked him.

“Oh, I’m getting along okay.”

Since I bought him a cup of coffee awhile back, we’ve developed the routine that whenever I see him I’ll buy him something to eat at Jack in the Box. We stood together on the corner for a moment longer.
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