List-making & Negative space. “The

List-making & Negative space.

“The moment comes when a yawn, a buzzing fly, an itch seem the only treasure there is, precisely because completely unusable, occurring once and for all and then promptly forgotten, spared the monotonous destiny of being stored in the world memory. Who could rule out the possibility that the universe consists of the discontinuous network of moments that cannot be recorded, and that our organization does nothing but establish their negative image, a frame around emptiness and meaninglessness.”
-Italo Calvino, World Memory

I lied when I said that books and things aren’t as inspiring or revelatory at 5².

The nature of revelations is contrary to the nature of list making. And besides, the list of revelations gets too long to remember. They’ve become just another routine event – like shaving, having an earthquake, Halley’s comet, falling on your head, explaining the latest developments on Friends to a Dutch teenager while walking through a wheat field to the smallest commercial distillery in Scotland, or eating ice cream.

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