A Big yellow school bus

A Big yellow school bus (once again, what other kind is there?) maneuvers itself at 10th/Broadway & Roy. A girl, sevenish, is seated near the back of the bus, window seat. As the bus pulls away, she turns her head smiling to look at a woman on the corner.

Both the woman & the girl on the bus have purple hair. The hair colors are close enough that they may have come out of the same bottle. I don’t know if:
1) The woman is a stranger to the little girl & the girl is giddy about the matching hair.
2) The woman is the little girl’s mother & the girl is making a “hello” smile.
   A) They’re both on their way home.
       a) The mother’s schedule is regular enough that the daughter’s school bus passes the mother near that spot most days.
       b) The daughter was surprised to see her.
   B) The mother accompanied her daughter to the bus stop. The daughter got on the bus & the mother headed up Broadway. (Not likely since this was 4pm.)
3) The woman is the little girl’s older sister.
   A) The older sister got in trouble for dying her little sister’s hair.

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