Letter found plastered to the

Letter found plastered to the sidewalk, on Denny:

This is the note that I am writing to you in advance but might give to you if I ever hapen to see you and remember. The setting is the DMV in Burlington on N. Ave and the point of this is to say that this place is very weird. One day you might be in a DMV and when you do you will realize that it is very weird. No questions about it. Strangely damp but very clean. The color-quordination is surprisingly on key. Strange scent though slightly plastic. Not very clean though. The new chairs and fresh painted walls give it the apearance of throughly scrubed surfaces. How lovely I fear I may go crazy if I stay here any longer. OH, it’s hapening . . . . it’s hapening . . . the crazy bliss I will find in insanity. OH such lucky bliss.

dont get me wrong. I love red carpets but this is just way too much. Out of hand aligator scales. So write your take on the situation right here on this pink slip of paper. Yep. That one, you know you see it. Don’t tell me you don’t. I want it all. All the info. give me the stats, the works. Hold nothing back.

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