Chris P asks: “Where does

Chris P asks: “Where does the truth end and the story begin?”

12/12 – True, but 2 corrections:
Capitol Hill is spelled with an “o”.
The part about buying donuts has been shortened for length. The donuts had just been delivered. They hadn’t been shelved yet & I had to seek permission to pick through the delivery carts.

12/10 – 100%: Gaelic speaking, Pokémon playing Boy Scouts. Say it with me.

12/9 afternoon – True enough: It happened way back when-ish. I had to fill in a couple of gaps in my memory.

12/9 early – True & fresh. But not as clear or precise as “Gaelic speaking, Pokémon playing Boy Scouts”. (Maybe I’ll get some search engine hits with that phrase.)

12/7 – The proof is in the pudding.

12/6 – He’s for real. The dates are probably off.

12/3 – 100% dream.

12/1 – Real.

11/30 – True, but don’t tell mom.

Back on schedule tomorrow.

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