Bottomed Out

After the last post I remembered this from an old version of this site. I don’t remember what triggered it.

It requires just as much energy to maintain my composure as it does to stop functioning. I assume this applies to other people & that that’s the reason we don’t crumble everytime the ground shifts. It’s almost impossible to hit rock bottom, and that’s just too bad. I’d like to be completely down for the count once every couple of years or so – and I’d like to be able to have minor lapses once or twice a month.

Everytime there’s a change, I hesitate & listen for the world to spin off its axis.

In my world, when someone leaves their job, production will shut down for a few hours while everyone says: “What now?” When world events become unbearable, everyone will wander out into the streets and blink their eyes at the blinding light of the sun (the smokers will take advantage of the situation by bumming cigarettes off of each other; staring at their shoes.)

It’s so easy to swap out the rulers we’re using to measure our returns that it’s difficult to get a score that results in something as low as a draw. You & me, we’re both undefeated. We have bottomless souls. (4/22/00)

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