. . . and it was pretty good, too.

A Sort of Life
A few notes about the tactile experience of reading my copy of A Sort of Life by Graham Greene:

Greene described particularly adventurous events as “Buchan-like”.

In the upper right hand corner of my copy a previous owner has written his name, “Ross Jones”. On the same page, placed carefully between the Los Angeles Times and Time review excerpts, there’s a pink and white file folder label. Typewritten on the file folder label is, “February 21, 1973 Bellevue, Washington”.

Used as a bookmark inside was a bank receipt for a deposit of $515.13 on May 1 1973 into a checking account at the Bellevue branch of Seattle-First National Bank.

There were a few more typos in the book than one would expect from a book published pre-spellcheck. Among them was “kidnaper”. I notice the same misspelling on the same day in one of the Gasoline Alley strips that appear in the new Drawn & Quarterly.

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