I’m not sure that it’s wanderlust.

My stock, my apartment, and my loads of books, comics, & things are grounding me. I’m thinking of getting rid of most of it, getting an around the world ticket, traveling for a year, and moving to NY or another city or back here.

Though I’ve certainly benefited from owning it, I’ve never had a good grasp of what to do with my stock. My apartment needs some remodeling, the bathroom, the kitchen cupboards, the false ceiling should be removed. But I don’t have the inclination to work on those now. I don’t have control of my living situation or money. These things are liabilities to me right now. To gain control, I need to simplify the situation.

When discussing (or rather IMing) this with someone for the first time, I went into a reflexive defensive stance. I’ve proposed similar strategies several times and haven’t followed through.

I will pare down portions of this plan to fit the practicalities of my world. I will regain my momentum, become the confident, active person that I’ve occasionally been in the past.

Sweeping statements like this and the sentiment behind them might seem immature, at least in the hands of an introverted, passionless, semi-compulsive 25 year old with a history of not walking the walk. But it’s different this time. In the past I’ve felt it, sometimes in my bones. Now I might not feel it as much, but I believe it. I believe it’s necessary.

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