There’s a little door in the wall of my bathroom that accesses some plumbing and some space in the wall. Since I painted, the door hasn’t been able to latch securely. Recently my neighbor (who I guess has a similar door) started storing boxes in there. They’ve bumped against my door a couple of times & popped it open. So I was fiddling around with it today, trying to make it fit better so I could use the latch. I noticed that on the inside of the door, in red pen, someone has written “i [heart symbol] u sena” & the names “Sena”, “Jeff”, and “Baker” as the three corners of a triangle.

Now I remember that, when I moved in, there was a little “Sena Marie” in a circle painted in red on one living room wall. The “i” was dotted with a little heart.

I didn’t meet the man who had my apartment before me. I know that he lifted weights and I know he was on the mailing list for a baseball equipment catalog. His name wasn’t Jeff or Baker. I’m afraid this leaves more questions asked than answered. Is there a Jeff Baker? Who is Sena? What’s with the cutesy shorthand?

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