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Well, I went to the Clowes & Ware signing at Confounded Books earlier. I stood in line for awhile talking to a few zine/art school people. When I got to their table, they were pretty friendly. Chris Ware was especially gracious when he finished signing my book & shook my hand, thanking me for waiting in the long line.

The opening for their show yesterday was pretty crowded with people drinking red wine & not looking at the artwork. The two of them hiding in a corner by the bar. The artwork on display was just about the tightest originals that you’ll ever see. Chris Ware’s originals are much larger than they’re reproduced in his comics. Seeing them in that size next to Clowes’ pages made me see some similiarities in their line that I hadn’t caught before.

I’m pretty worn out and in a bit of a weird state of mind. Standing with my heavy backpack for an hour, just enough walking downtown & riding the bus to Fremont, not enough sleep, and it’s pretty surprising to hear that Douglas Adams died.

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