Movie I Only Saw the End of #74

Another movie that I only saw the end of:

The police are gathered outside a house, guns drawn. Kirk Cameron walks slowly away from the house toward the police car. A small group of kids and a girl of about eighteen or twenty are watching the scene unfold from the open front door. When Kirk Cameron reaches a point about halfway between the door and the car, he raises his hands above his head.

The kids aren’t going to let this happen, they scramble out of the house and stand around him, each in turn raising his or her arms above his or her head.

We cut to a court room. Kirk Cameron is being sentenced by the judge. Everyone from the previous scene is present.

The judge is saying, “The one thing I hate about being a judge is having to punish someone for committing a crime out of immaturity rather than out of evil.”

“Wait,” one of the kids, an African-American boy of about seven, interrupts. “I come from a rough place. I know a lot of criminals. He isn’t a criminal.”

The older girl voices her agreement.

The judge considers this for a beat. He turns his attention to one of the other kids, a little girl, “And what do you think?”

The little girl manages to say, “He’s made us into a family!” through her heavy stutter.

“Well then my sentence,” continues the judge, “is that you will be required to take care of these children home which will henceforth be known as the William Preston Home For Children!”

“And you,” he addresses the older girl, “will be required to work with him.”

Everyone is excited about this judgment.

We cut to the home. Everyone is running around happy. Eventually they all converge on a barn and watch an adult pig and a bunch of baby pigs swarming around in the hay. One of the baby pigs is brown and pink, the others are all pink.

“Look everyone,” Kirk Cameron tells them, “this was the first pig born today.” He’s apparently referring to the pig with spots. “It’s the Christmas pig!”

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