n Ever After

On Friday I went out late to rent a movie. I walked into Broadway Market and saw Robert passed out on a bench over his belongings. He looked horrible, weary, and worn out. Worse than I’ve ever seen him. I was really scared. I sat down next to him and shook him awake.

His voice was low and rough. He mentioned the security guard who’d decided to let him be and we touched briefly on the morning wake-up call he given me a couple of days before. It was cold outside and if he needed a roof over his head on one day, this was it. So I roused him and we walked over to the cash machine for hotel rent. We walked up to Dick’s for a couple of burgers and I left him there half-awake, with a burger and some cash tucked away into the plastic garbage bag that he was carrying his blanket in. He was talking to a homeless youth acquaintance of his. I wasn’t sure how he was planning to get to the hotel in Belltown.

Yesterday he appeared beside me at Vivace, looking as fresh as ever. I bought him some cofee and we sat down. He rambled on for a long time. He vaguely remembered seeing me the other day, but wasn’t sure if it had really happened.

Anyway, things are okay. We’re on good terms. Also, if I understand correctly, in recognition for his efforts to get the new mission started up, one of the missions has reserved a bit of floor space for him to sleep on whenever he needs it.

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