Own Little World

Robert tracked me down at Vivace. He basically confirmed his continuing purgatory. The end is nearer than the beginning; he’s supposed to have his subsidized apartment on the first and he says that his church may start paying him for his work setting up the mission and some janitorial work.

He seems a little hurt since I’ve been less able to help him with the rent just as he’s needed the most attention and my supply of optimistic moral support has dried up. When I gave him a few dollars for coffee he said, “I’m going to find a smaller cafe. Everyone seems to be in their own little world here.”

I looked around and agreed, “Yeah, I guess so.”

After he left, I looked again and thought, “There’s nothing wrong with that!”

Maybe extroverts feel excluded in a room full of close conversations and lone people hovered over books and papers. Or maybe he was onto something, that hard to pinpoint shelled-in attitude that people sometimes associate with Seattlites.

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