The Post Where I Go Bonkers

I don’t know where I got the name “Jill” when I posted a correction of my completely false assumption that Alice at Strange Brew was a Mac user.

Does the fact that the person who pointed out this error has a “” email address mean that she’s a Mac user? I wouldn’t even speculate. (Her His sig file explicitly says “Mac user”.) End of subject.

Also: It’s “Novoselic”, not “Novaselic”. Robert is from Kentucky Oklahoma, not Tennessee. The joke was that “the bee flew away”, not “the bee got away”. Larry’s Market is neither on Queen Anne Hill or Queen Anne Avenue. It’s in the Queen Anne neighborhood; so it would’ve been more correct to say that the taxi driver took me to “Larry’s Market in Queen Anne”. And I (excuse me, “you”) still haven’t sent that email.

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