No Horizon

I’ve been spending a lot of time staring at the sky recently – That’s not true – I’ve been noticing the western afternoon and evening sky a lot recently.

Studying a cloud that fills my visual range. The sun playing off its edges. Or, when a cloud is hung just right, the sun reflects off the whole shape, making a sheet of white/yellow/orange/blue light cut with transit cables and powerlines.

I get distracted even when I’m trying to read. If there’s a window nearby, I’ll just study the clouds for awhile holding a book open to the first page of a chapter.

The eastern sky is a rarer sight. I’m never up early enough to catch the sunrise and there’s a hill in the way when I stay in my usual Capitol Hill – Downtown orbit.

I’ve also been fretting a bit lately about the lack of good places to view the city from within my little orbit. The Volunteer Park water tower is closed while the neighborhood’s water lines are replaced and pier 62/63 is blocked off for repairs as of today.

I was walking around awhile back, trying to find a spot. But whenever I had a promising idea, I’d make my way over there and find a block of condos positioned to hide enough of the view to make it not worthwhile. I’ll bet those condos have good views; and I’ll bet a lot of them are vacant too.

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