Horizon Line

I have a new little photo page going, I’m calling it Horizon Line for now. I’m having fun doing it. So far I’ve taken basically the same shot on ten different days and have gotten a pretty surprising range of color palettes and textures. That’s been exciting.

It’s funny that the antidote to the tunnel-vision in my other photo log has such narrow boundaries so far. (I was thinking of going with Artless, instead of Horizon Line.) Antidote, cause, symptom? – I don’t know.

It might sound odd, but seeing the differences in the photos and then watching the whole environment around me when I’m down by the water has really affected how I’ve been looking at the weather, the water (that one element always just hanging in the air, almost making its presence known), and the color around me.

I’ve kind of had my head in the clouds for a couple of weeks, noticeable in the subject matter and infrequency of recent entries I guess.

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