Until Someone Gets Hurt

Yesterday after a game of Sorry!, which we decided leads children (ages six and over) to lives of cynicism and insincerity, Ingrid walked down to the waterfront with me to take the daily picture. I got a new camera a few days ago and I’m still pretty tentative with it. So I was kind of self-conscious whenever I took it out to snap a photo. At the beginning of the walk, I started rambling on about future ideas for Horizon Line. I told her that I wanted to have the little horizon picture open up into a page with a collection of photos from that day and I started talking about some half-baked ideas I had about how the other pictures would comment on the main horizon-picture. As I tried to articulate this for the first time, I realized how neurotic I was getting with all of this photography business. In my mind, I’ve overblown the scope of the thing into some big conceptual thing that’s beyond my abilities. I should just be having fun, taking pictures, and if the one’s I like fit somewhere on the site, then great. If not, then too bad. (It was a good walk though.)

Take the pictures, worry about the picture frames later.

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