Two More Things

You know that move where your nose is either a little too dry or a little too wet and you run your finger under one nostril to make sure your nose is still there? Yeah, I happened to be pulling one of those when the groom, my new brother-in-law, came up and introduced himself.

It had been pointed out that Mary’s wedding would be the first time in ten years that my core family would all be together in one place. And there was this moment at the reception when all the brothers and sisters happened to sit down at the same table and we realized – oh hey, here we all are. I made a little joke, apologising for not letting anyone else play with the Mickey Mouse bowling set that I’d opened one Christmas. We decided that we needed a picture. So everyone got out their cameras and siblings-in-law were pulled in and forced to stand behind us. Everyone was getting restless after the first picture was taken, there were shouts of, “Hey, don’t move. There’s one more camera!” Most everyone had had enough as soon as the last photo was taken, and we all wandered away in different directions.

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