Truer and Truer

Ten Five Anecdotes That, Through Repeated Tellings, Are Truer Now Then They Were When They Happened

  • When I was very young, I saw a monkey climb between the bars of its cage at the zoo into a neighboring cage. Nobody else noticed and I didn’t tell anyone at the time.
  • I once went down to the waterfront in the wee hours of the morning with my friend Marjoree and a film director, expecting to see the sun rise over the water. But the sun, once again, rose in the east.
  • After a nearly sleepless night of taking care of some family matters, I was woken by the start of a festival at the Catholic church next door. Not the start of the festival exactly, the start of the testing of the sound system for the festival. Testing the sound system involved playing the first bar of the same Vietnamese-language unbearably poppy song over and over again. Loud. Loudly playing the first bar of the same loud Vietnamese-language super-poppy song over and over, loudly.
  • At an Amazon party once, Jeff Bezos pumped the keg for me while I was pouring a beer.
  • I sat in a train car with a group of Gaelic-speaking Boy Scouts. They played Pokemon.
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