Mitch Hedberg

Since we were probably already on the topic of death anyway: What happened to the stand-up comedian who once spent the last ten minutes of his act reciting one-liners while lying on his back on a stage that was scattered with prescription pain reliever pills? I’d give you three guesses, but you wouldn’t need them.

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One Truth, Four Lies

Guess which one of the following stories is true:

  • When I was in fifth grade, I loaded the game Math Blaster on the classroom computer using a swear word as the username. This was discovered later in the day and the game was banned.
  • I was once actually turned down for a job selling Cutco knives.
  • I saw Francis Ford Copolla standing alone in the parking lot of the Camlin Hotel on the night before the WTO riots.
  • Using Books‘ bestselling title has been Barry Goldwater’s The Conscience of a Conservative.
  • When I was very young, whenever I scratched an itch, stubbed a toe, or simply brushed up against something, I would have the compulsion to create a matching sensation in the same spot on the other side of my body.

Update: Answered in the comments.

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