[Flower blooming]

These were a surprise last spring. They weren’t planted intentionally, but came up after we regraded the garden. I let them grow where they’d landed, but they got a little to much sun. In the fall, I dug up their bulbs and moved them under the lemon tree. I later rethought their placement and moved them again. Now they’re coming up in all three spots. This one, under the lemon tree, is the first to bloom.



It is time to get this blog going again.

Can anyone tell me why, when an image is included in a blog post, the default behavior of blog services is now to link the image to the actual image file? This convention makes no sense given that the embedded image is shown at full size. Why, in my day…

WordPress plugin developers, will you create a plugin that will link an image to a page that has a smaller version of the image, that in turn links to an even smaller version of the image, and so forth until the image is reduced to a single pixel? I would find this satisfying.


He latches onto my right leg and hugs it loosely. I pat him on the back and he responds with three tight squeezes, a silent message sharing his anxiety and taking some comfort. “Oh, no. In a moment you’ll look up and realize your mistake. This won’t be good.” He doesn’t hear me. Then his dad wanders into view. He is startled, but crosses over to his own parent’s leg, letting out just a small yelp on the way.

Masked Bandit

Ukiah Republican Press, March 23, 1949:

Hunt Masked Bandit Here

A lone armed bandit held up Jeff’s Rancho on the highway about one mile south of town at 10:20 Tuesday night and escaped with the contents of the cash register, $47.00.

Proprietor Jeff Sharman said he was alone in the tavern when a man, masked with a red bandana handkerchief walked in, pointed a .32 caliber automatic at him and demanded the contents of the register.

“He told me not to move for 15 minutes,” Mr. Sharman said, “but as soon as he went out the door I grabbed the phone and called the sheriff.”

Sharman heard the man run across the gravel but did not hear a car start. The entrance is brightly lighted at night and I didn’t stick my head out.” The proprietor did not know which direction the man went.

Sheriff Broaddus and deputies were on the ground immediately and the robbery went out in four minutes over KRKH with the following description of the man.

“White, about 23 years of age, weighing 145 pounds. He had dark, wavy hair and was wearing blue jeans and a black leather jacket.”

All roads were blocked without delay. Lake county authorities cooperated blocking all roads and working over the border into Mendocino county. The sheriff and deputies spent the night on the job.

Two Ends

“There are two things that you never want to talk about,” Benjie told me.

I stopped eating and turned to look at him and listen, feeling that he was about to say something profound or close to it. “What are those things, Benjie?”

“Dying and dessert.”