Walking home from a show,

Walking home from a show, I turn onto Denny & find myself in the middle of a couple of dozen punks loitering outside Hamburger Mary’s. I continue up the hill, but before I even get to the curb a pair of police cars with lights flashing turns a corner. Everyone scatters – walking or running in different directions. A handful of kids are walking up Denny with me.

A guy with red spikey-hair whose keeping pace with me, gives me a quick up-and-down & says “How you doing?” uncertainly.

I’m semi-camouflaged into the group – shaved head, black jeans, ragged black Animal from the Muppets t-shirt, but no visible scabs or jewelry. “I’m good.”

He still looks at me a little uneasily, I’m not pulling it off, so I offer up a, “What’s going on back there?”

“There was this show at Hamburger Mary’s. But they realized that a lot of us were getting in with fake IDs & they canceled the show.”

We continue walking up Denny, me & the rest of the punks. The others turn onto Broadway & head for Dick’s. I stay on Denny & walk home.

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