Sense, Scale

Catching up with Lisa yesterday, I was pleased to think about how she always has an ongoing secret project tucked away somewhere. She’s just finished a class in documentary film-making and today she’s competing in a triathlon. (Which briefly brings to mind my friend Cedric, who within a short period after I met him released an album, ran a marathon, and read James Joyce’s Ulysses.)

Regarding a former coworker – best known for his knee-jerk defensiveness and his repressed bitterness and resentment – Mari remarks about how laid back he’s become since he was laid-off and went leather-biker. “He’s even given up being vegetarian,” she says. “And vegetarianism is a symptom of uptightness?” I ask, knowing the answer. “Well, . . . yes!”

All this as I continue to hem and haw about vague travel plans, push back invisible departure dates, and fret over the deflated stock price of the only holding in my portfolio (which costed me nothing).

One might rate their humility on a scale, with genuine humbleness at one end and shame on the other.

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