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Our fine summery weather has been replaced today with a consistent drizzle interrupted occasionally by minor downpours. A good day for reading, you say? Well on that note, I started Don Quixote again yesterday. I’m not sure I’ll get through it, since I’ve already gone in search of other reading material. First, I went over to Bailey-Coy to have another look at a book of travel essays about Cuba. I balked at the price and headed out to some other stores to see if I could find a discounted copy. I ended up picking up Take Me With You, more expensive, but it looks interesting. At the checkout counter, I noticed that I was missing my ATM card – I’d left it in a cash machine. I headed back up to the bank and, luckily, got there while someone was servicing the machine. Came home, wheeled the recycling bins back from the curb (got to wear my raincoat). Good stuff.

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  1. Pretty good, “d”. I think that, like me, most people have only read the begining. The last chapter in the first section has the windmill/they might be giants encounter and no one seems to know much other than that.

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