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In this essay I will be talking about symbolism in the book Huckleberry Fin. During the 1800’s the Mississippi River served as the center of life in the United States. Many people depended on it for food, transportation, water, and a source of life. I think Mark Twain used this river because just about everybody in the United States knows where the River is located. In the 1800’s the Mississippi River was the backbone for the United States and I also think it is the backbone for this book.

In the book Huckleberry Fin, Huck and Jim travel the River. The book shows how much they change durng the adventure phisicaly but mostly mentaly. Huck starts to relize that Jim isn’t just a slave and he is just like Huck.

Later in the book Huck decides he would rather be with a slave than his white people. Huck would and did lie to people to hid Jim even though he thinks its very wrong and he thinks he will be going to hell for lieing about what he did. I think Huck doesn’t have raceism at all. If he did I think Huck and Jim wouldn’t be togeather.

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  1. You’re pulling a Matt Groening with found-school essays now?

    #1: the first rule of thumb with Huck Finn essays is not to write about the topic of river-as-symbolism. It’s trite and somewhat pointless. #2: This is not a cohesive essay. The body of the text does not all support the thesis statement.

  2. Where did Groening use found essays.

    The “backbone for the United States”/”backbone of this book” analogy sounds like it was lifted from somewhere else.

  3. Comics Journal Interview found in that one book. He talks about waiting for the end of a school year, and going to the dumpster and salvaging a bunch of public education essays.

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