One of These Days

This morning, drowsing in bed, not ready to get up after a late night. I hear a crashing sound, something like the recycling truck tossing recycling bins around or one of the giant yellow trucks that has been hauling loads of gravel up and down the street for a couple of months. Wait, why’d I think of recycling, that’s too specific. I bolt out of bed, dress, and drag my building’s bins out to the curb in record time.

The construction guys are out there. One truck has a shovel on the front – it picks up the balance of the gravel pile from across the street and drives away with it. There’s a woman standing in the road with one of those signs that says “Stop” on one side and “Slow” on the other. She spins it around restlessly. There’s no traffic and if there were they’d be more likely to respond to the yellow menace than the sleepy flagger. The truck with the shovel returns, it dumps a load of gravel across the street.

I take a shower, sure that I missed the recycling pickup for the second time this month, meaning we’ll have another $12 fine. I fix myself a cup of tea and contemplate the next problem.

I crippled my computer yesterday. I was zealously collecting banner advertisers’ domain names to block using the hack I just learned about. But I forget one rule – the list must be fewer than 2000 characters long. Now, when I log in, I have access to my tool bar for about ten seconds, time enough to launch one application, then my desktop disappears. I knew that the problem was in my registry files, so last night I hunted around using Ultra-Edit, but I didn’t know what I was doing.

I finish my tea and have a bowl of cereal. I sit, feeling useless and stupid, and listen to the Jim White CD.

On the way to the internet cafe, I have a peak at neighbors’ recycling bins – they haven’t been emptied. The truck hasn’t come yet. I will have no problem there.

And, from the cafe’s computer, I will find the Microsoft Knowledge Base article to help me fix my Windows problem.

It’s looking like a good day.

I just had a look at my site from here and it looks totally different. I have the browser use its default font, and I kind of like how that works. Maybe I could trick the page out to use a handful of fonts semi-randomly.

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