A Self-Depreciative Post

The most eloquent piece I’ve written this year:

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a portable and efficient means to define and manage data of any level of complexity.

Because databases, web-browsers, and Java applications are being designed with the ability to interact with XML directly, it can be used as a universal language for tightly integrating internal applications and as a format for exchanging data with clients.

XML formats are more robust and less complicated than the structures of classic EDI formats like X12 and EDIFACT. In sharp relief to EDIFACT’s and X12’s over-architectured syntax rules, XML syntax requirements are only as complicated as is necessary to maintain data integrity. XML document structures are explicitly defined in schemas that are more manageable than the technical specifications and industry guidelines used to describe classic EDI standards. (2/21/01)

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  1. At the moment I have 2 thoughts on my mind: #1: After showing off his new totally-Kosher threads, our resident street preacher was arrested- very quietly. (For something he did at Skidmore earlier). People have asked me “Say… I hear that street preacher got arrested.”

    #2: Doc Hastings appears to be in a career-defining moment right now, allying himself with Democrats Marie Cantwell and Patty Murray of all people against a particular point in Bush’s budget of all things. My incarnation of Doc Hastings seems to be in the same career-defining moment right now, allying himself with Democrat Smith of all people against the same particular point in the Bush’s budget of all things. And I don’t know how to proceed, since the entire Repunlican party is giddy right now over the stupidest Machivellian political victory anyone could come up with– so oddly enough my party’s navigating channels have shut down and locked up to an uncomfortable degree. I may be stuck in the odd and extremely awkward situation of joining in with the Democrats’ delay tactics.

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