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82 °F
Mostly Cloudy (cynics)
Feels Like 84 °F
Barometer: 29.95 in; falling
Wind: NA/7 mph
Humidity: 53%
Visibility: 10 mi


The little strip of park by the reservoir is filled with hipsters, sunbathers, and transients lounging in the sun. A goth girl walks by, hiding from the sun under a big black umbrella.

At Vivace, a girl my age sits with a large 64 piece box of crayons (not Crayola) in front of her – the size box that makes little kids jealous of each other. I keep turning to look at her, she looks like an acquaintance, but I have more of a back view than a profile view, so I can’t tell if it’s her. When I get up to leave, I take a good look, & it’s not my friend. But it is a 20sish person sitting in a coffee shop, drinking hot cocoa & eating a banana (or at least carrying a banana around), filling in her coloring book. And that’s within the range of eccentricity that I find admiral.

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  1. There seems to be this type of male my age who always carries a banana in their pocket. Ever notice that?

  2. I just noticed that the homeless Communist conspiracy guy wears the same shoes as I, and quite a few other students I’ve noticed, wear. ($10-20 at Payless).

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