The Wrong Man

Today* I:

was propositioned with the words, “Hey, how you doing? . . . Wanna get it on?” Not paraphrased – weird.

found it within myself to offer an “Alright!” to the guy who said to me, “The Mariners are ahead. I saw it in the window of the bar. Six to three!”

caused an imbalance in a seating arrangement & provided a belated correction by moving to a more anonymous area.

walked by as professional promo-CD hander-outers were preparing to hand out promo-CDs to the crowd that would soon leave the Crocodile. The first was quick enough to offerme one, slowing me down long enough to be available for those slower than him.

With the exception of the third of these points, none of this is of any consequence. There is a bit more to the third, but those details will not be made clear presently.


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