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I picked up the new David Byrne album today. I specifically went down to Orpheum for it, stopped at Bleu Bistro for a Chai Super Big Gulp afterwards & sat figuring out how to open the packaging. I’m home now, still chewing on it. It’s not as crazy & immediately striking as Feelings. I don’t really have any preliminary thoughts on it other than that it’s good enough, I’m listening to it for a second time right now. Nice packaging, the portrait & color scheme comment on the Ken doll & color scheme of the last album.

I guess I haven’t anticipated a new CD this much since They Might Be Giants – John Henry (back in my art school years). See I’ve decided to start describing periods of a few months like this, The x Years. For example the November – early April portion of this journal’s archives will henceforth be known as “The Blogger Years” (which then can be abbreviated as TBY – see how that works?).

That is all.

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  1. Toward the end of my high school career, sitting in Mrs. Leas’s Journalism… talking about some ridiculously minute moment from Mr. Malzahn’s class from a year ago.

    Statement that was made: “That was the golden age.” (ironically, because– it wasn’t in any, shape, or form.)

    Did a comic-sketch I tend to like based on that moment.

    Then again, I’ll always regret not putting my initial idea for “Most Memorable Moment” for the yearbook, which was the absurd and completely impossible prediction: “The police coming in to arrest me at the end of my Senior Year.” (flipping through some old notes, and Yes it was not a post-humous reconstruction… Bizarre.)

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