Easter Beagle

At the coffee shop, a single serving of jelly beans sealed in a little plastic bag inside a clear plastic egg.

At Westlake Center:

Kids are break dancing. People are holding giant crosses aloft. A stage is set up where a man is singing. Someone mans a booth with a sign that says, “Are you going to heaven? Two question test will tell you.” The busker with the truckload of supplies – stereo equipment, several umbrellas, two or three saxes, a group of teddy bears, and the signs declaring his religious and/or political affiliations – is there (but he’s always there). People hand out flyers & tracts.

Other people are handing out plastic eggs. These people have a mischievous spark in their eyes, and I think the eggs must contain something designed to strike a different impact than that of the others. A tract-person and an egg-person are having a restrained conversation with a cop. No one hits me up with an egg, so I’ll never be sure what exactly was going on.

One thought on “Easter Beagle

  1. Ah, Easter. Roasting chestnuts over an open fire, viewing Jesus Chirst Superstar, enjoying the rain. All that type of stuff.

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