Starbucks Nowhere

[This entry came off more mean-spirited than I intended and now it’s gone. The gist of it was:
Starbucks: Bad enough.
Visiting every Starbucks in the world: Worse.]

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  1. There was a feature on the Daily Show With Jon Stewart once about a Starbucks located across the street from another Starbucks. For what it’s worth.

  2. There used to be two on the same block – in the same building even – downtown. You’d walk by the first one at the corner, then pass the building’s lobby, and then pass the entrance to the second Starbucks. The one to the north is a Tully’s now.

    Tully’s, by the way, was started by one of Starbucks’ founders. From what I understand, a few years after he left the company, he was disturbed by some aspects of how the business was going (not sure if it’s for Frankenstein’s monster reasons or something else). So he decided to do it again, but to this time try to avoid those aspects that he didn’t like.

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