Tim Eyman

Picture – My self-indulgent commentary on Washington state news:

Is Tim Eyman D. B. Cooper?

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  1. Thank God for Tim Eyman – This state was outlandish in the cost for license tabs. Even New Jersey is only $25 – I always thought New Jersey was the highest in the U.S. along with their taxes.

    What happened to all the games this state incorporated – other states that have adopted this way to make extra monies for their states and it has worked out to their benefit. Where is all this money going? Yes, good for Tim Eyman, let the state government start showing accountability for the monies they spend on, heaven only knows. Why are we never given an accountability of all this game money that was suppose to alleviate the financial stress on its peoples. A further thought on all this ballyhoo is Tim Eyman should be compensated for all his hard work.

  2. Something has to give in this State. I think Tim is doing an excellent job. He should also do something about the City of Tacoma. Their spending appears to really be out of control. THese people need to be accountable!

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