The amphibious car

I first caught a glimpse of this car a couple of weeks ago. I automatically made some assumptions about the owner. He or she must be the kind of person who frequents a place that they call The Lake. As in, “What are you doing this weekend?” “Oh. We’re going down to The Lake.” But I saw it again a few days later, the canoe was still attached. I puzzled over that a bit and presented a new theory to some friends. “It’s amphibious,” I told them. As soon as I spoke, I saw the flaw in my logic. I had only seen the car twice and it’s possible that its owners may have been on their way to the lake the first time and on their way back the second time. Hardly conclusive.

I saw the car again today. The canoe is still attached; and I’m convinced that my theory is rock solid. This car is obviously a homegrown amphibious model. When the driver needs to take it out onto the water, they simply drive onto a pier and flip the car over into the water. The driver, and hopefully at least one other paddler, get into the canoe, ducking their heads so that they don’t hit them against the Volvo. They paddle around and when they get back to shore, they simply flip the car up out of the water and drive away.

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