Barbershop Quintet

Grandview was a land of Opportunity for those that wished to do the taking. And one guy who wanted to do the taking was a guy by the name of Chuck, who opened up a barbershop. He had the dream of eventually turning it into a barbershop/tatoo parlor/beauty salon. I never went there, because the haircuts are horrid, but my dad got his haircuts there.

He found his way into the distinctive cultural rut of the town. Decorated the place one Christmas. Won the newspaper’s Decoration prize. Next year, he decorated the shop again. He didn’t win the prize. He left the Santa Clause up on his roof, unlit. It clashed when he put up his halloween decorations. He never did take it down.

The story goes that Chuck rode into town with just $30 on him. He opened up a barber-shop, having mastered the 8 minute haircut wherever it was that he picked up his trade. He lived in his store. Eventually, the store was foreclosed, and it looked like his barbershop was dead. But, somehow, Chuck landed on his feet, found a new location to work and live, expanded his business operation to fit his dream of combination barbershop, tatoo-parlor, and beauty salon, and there the place sat… 10 years later and Chuck still has the $30 he came in with.

Next thing you knew the tatoo-artist left after the police nabbed him for selling tattoos to minors, and the beautician simply never bothered to move in. Chuck was disillusioned. Where does the store go from here? I always thought he could have eventually expanded to a barbershop/tatoo pallor/beauty salon/motorcycle club, but alas it was not going to happen and he was stuck back at square one.