Last night, as I finished reading a story, I got up and ran into the kitchen to get a glass of water. I pulled a glass from the overflowing drainer beside the sink. The dishes left in the drainer shifted around the glass. My teapot lid was displaced, it rolled out the front of the drainer, hit the counter, and tumbled down, spreading itself across the floor. Somehow I let go of the glass too – it smashed against the floor, it’s pieces mixing with the teapot’s.

That pretty much makes sense, the way things have been going, I thought. I picked the largest few teapot pieces out of the wreckage and set them on the counter, cleaned up the rest of the mess, and went back to reading.

Surveying the remains this morning, I see that the two big pieces could still fit together into an adequate lid. But I discard my optimism after seeing the toxicity level of my glue options.

It’s time for a new teapot.

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