1. Beautiful. However a little goes a long way.

    What did I do today to make this a better place to live? Fly a flag?

    The link (URL box) explains the study of flags.

    God Bless

  2. John,

    Are jou from the Netherlands?
    I’m searching for Johan Wilmink. He’s born in Enschede the Netherlands.

    Herman Lakerink

  3. Hi Herman, I was wondering if we might be related. I am the grand daughter of hendricus and heleena Lakerink of Nijverdal.

  4. hay niki uhm i dont know if you remember me but im heleen you know youre cousin from the netherlands (nijverdal) do you have an e-mail adress so I can mail you some time?? my e-mail adress is heleentjuh2336@hotmail.com

    i would really appreciate it if you could mail me thanx because I dont know any of you in australia

    ps my dad says hay

    greetings heleen lakerink of nijverdal!!!!!

  5. Hi Heleen, yes I do remember you. You were quite small. Will try your email address. Tell your family I say Hi also.
    Tell your dad I am back in Ballarat and keep meeting people who knew the Lakerink Family many years ago. I has been interesting

  6. hey niki i dont know if you ever come to this site but my e-mail doesnt work anymore maybe if you have msn messenger that does work

    heleen lakerink

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