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At the Doug Martsch solo show last night, I’m disenchanted, not sure if I’m more annoyed and frustrated by the low rumble of people chattering behind me or the over-done distortion effect on Martsch’s microphone. I head off to a corner to sit down. All is forgiven when he plays “Twin Falls, Idaho” and I hear people around me singing along quietly with the chorus. I monotone along a bit.

“Seven-up, I touched her thumb and she knew it was me
Although she couldn’t see, unless of course she peeked”

And years after first hearing the song, I realize that this line is quite obviously about Seven-up, the old classroom game we played in elementary school.

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  1. I saw Doug play recently, but without the voice distortion. Did get a little antsy during Mike Johnson’s opening set because he seemed to be playing the same reverb-heavy high note over and over and over and over. Glad you finally ‘got’ the 7-up reference; it’s a key part of loving the song.

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