I’ve been resisting my caffeine addiction for the last few weeks. I cut my tea intake and have even spent a couple of days virtually caffeine-free. I’ve sat outside soaking up sunlight, feeling recharged. A couple of cups of tea will cut through my natural tension and leave an alert but nervous buzz in its place. But five minutes of light and stillness left me feeling good and relaxed, but a little uncomfortable.

The weather today has been cold and grey. There’s been a steady drizzle, interrupted frequently by a barely measurable mist.

In the afternoon I settled into a coffee shop and read over a cup of tea. My socks were damp and my feet were clammy. There was a chill whenever someone opened the door.

Today I understand Seattle a little better than I have before. I understand why the clichéd latte culture is still so conspicuous here; and I understand why we bear the stereotype of being polite yet standoffish.

Summer days in Seattle are beautiful – believe me. It’s sunny and warm. The air is fresh. But I think it’s better in the fall. It’s more comfortable and familiar.

Today was a quintessential Seattle day, all the more striking because it’s the first of its type since spring. The balance of the days in the coming months will be more like today than like yesterday. Hang your head cheerfully, Seattle.

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  1. Awe. Now you have me all nostalgic for fall in Seattle. I grew up in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Don’t get me wrong, Portland is nice but I miss the salty crispness of the air by the Puget Sound. –KFK ;)

  2. Puget Sound air – crispy and salty, just like potato chips.

    Portland is all about books to me. The last time I was there I practically headed straight over to Powell’s then right back to the train station.

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