A Minute For Greenpeace

The Greenpeace folks work in pairs. Each pair is assigned a busy street, where the partners stand facing away from each other, a few yards apart. They wear matching green jackets or sometimes matching yellow polo shirts. Each holds a green binder under one arm. And as you walk past, the Greenpeace person who’s facing you makes eye contact and asks, “Do you have a minute for Greenpeace?” This has been the modus operandi since spring.

This afternoon though, they abandoned their usual posts and worked as a group of eight in Westlake Center. They stood in formation, staggered across the park. And they had company – eight kids in red vests, a church youth group. Off to the side, a booth with a sign that read “Prayer Station”.

They stood together, yellow uniforms on one side, red uniforms on the other, with a little intermingling of red and yellow in the middle.

To get from one side to the other, I had to zigzag through this wall of people. “Is there anyone you’d like to pray for?” “Do you have a minute for Greenpeace?”

It was kind of interesting, that’s all.

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