Where Credit is Due

It might not surprise anyone to know that there are bloggers who write things like: “Women constantly want equal rights and privledges [sic]. But when is the last time a women [sic] in your office lifted something heavy or opened the door for you? That’s why I always say women want equal rights only when it benefits them.” Or: “Little Johnny Taliban. If Cohn was still alive today this treasonist, liberal little fuck would be sharing the same fate as the Rosenbergs. I say give him the chair and throw a pound of bacon on his lap. I’m hungry damnit.” Many diverse people are attracted to weblogging.

Also, there are people on the web who have the exact same name as me.

And, there’s at least one person on the web with the same name as me who writes things a lot like what I quoted above – pretty much exactly like what I quoted above, in fact.

So I wanted to mention that I’m not him; and, as far as I know, he’s not me.

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  1. There were 3 or 4 different Jeffs at a warehouse where I worked. And it got to the point that I stopped looking when people called my name. I just assumed they were talking to someone else.

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