A movie that I only saw the end of – The Christmas Edition

Shelley Long is talking to Santa Claus. He asks if she believes in Santa. She answers, “No, I don’t”.

“Does your son believe in Santa?” he asks.

“Yes . . . He does.” She starts to get choked up.

“Well he must have gotten it from somewhere.”

Shelley Long breaks into tears and begins sobbing.

“Are you sure you don’t believe?”

“Yes. I do. I do believe.” Shelley Long hugs Santa.

Later. Shelley Long is walking down the hall of a hospital. A woman comes up to her and starts talking business. Shelley Long tries to shrug off the other woman. “We’ll deal with this later.” A nurse calls her from the end of the hall, she excuses herself and runs over.

She enters a hospital room and asks, “What’s wrong?”

There’s a doctor blocking our view of the patient. He moves and we see a small boy sitting up in bed. He has a band-aid on his forehead and a scrape painted onto his chin.

“You’re awake!” Shelley Long rushes over and hugs the boy. A moment later, Santa enters the room.

Shelley Long tells the boy, “I want to introduce you to someone.” Referring to Santa, she says, “This is your grandfather.”

The boy asks, “Does that make me an elf or a helper?”

Santa smiles, “That makes you something even more important. That makes you my daughter’s son.”

Santa tells them that it’s time for him to leave. Shelley Long and the boy thank him – for everything.

New scene. Santa is walking down a residential street. A police car drives up. The officer on the passenger side rolls his window down and says hello. Santa returns the hello.

They have a short conversation. Santa tells the police officer that he’s leaving town, going home to Nebraska. The officer points out that his car isn’t going to get him that far. And Santa tells him that he’s taking the train actually, “I’ll see more of the country that way.”

The police officer apologizes for having arrested him earlier.

“That’s alright,” Santa answers.

“The least I can do is give you a ride to the train station. I’d score some points with my kids after what happened earlier.”

Santa accepts the ride. He gets into the back seat and they drive away.

In the next scene they stop the car on a dark street.

“You’ve brought me to the wrong place,” Santa tells them, “This is the old train station.”

The police officer gets out of the car. “Oh, This is the right place alright,” he answers, opening the back door for Santa.

Santa climbs out of the car and stands on the sidewalk, confused. Suddenly, lights come on all around them. There’s a crowd of people standing in front of the old train station. Everything is decorated with Christmas lights. Shelley Long and her son are there with the guy who plays the mayor on Spin City.

Shelley Long tells Santa that this is a public building and it’s going to be set up as a home for children.

“What about your campaign?” Santa sputters.

“I’ll still be campaigning – just not as hard.” She gives a significant look at her son and then at the mayor from Spin City, who kisses her on the forehead.

The crowd breaks into a spontaneous rendition of Deck the Halls. But, as they reach the end of the first chorus, they’re interrupted. Everyone looks up at the sky and it begins to snow. There’s some low murmuring in the crowd.

Shelley Long turns to Santa and says, “Merry Christmas.”

“But it’s June,” Santa says.

Shelley Long shakes her head. “No, it’s not. It’s Christmas.”

The crowd starts singing Deck the Halls again.

Fade to black. Roll Credits.

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