Like Any Other

Within the span of an hour there’s a shift from heavy rain to a cloudless sky. Later a bulky purple-gray cloud passes across the sun. A number of low clouds are being carried by the wind at a faster speed than the large cloud; and they’re gone by the time it’s allowed the sun to shine through again. Now the sky is covered with an entirely different variety of clouds. The quality of the light is changing constantly.

We usually experience the day as a long steady shift from darkness to light to darkness again marked by handful of exceptional phenomena – sunrise, sunset, dusk. This day was filled with notable light changes, so the day seemed to pass more quickly. It always seemed like the sunset would be coming along at any minute.

2 thoughts on “Like Any Other

  1. I just checked the Struat Manual of Style and it says the preferred spelling is “grae”. Who would’ve thought?

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