• Hey, look. Beans for Breakfast is the title of a Johnny Cash song.
  • I tried to rent Human Nature the other day. But the two video stores that I went to only had the movie on DVD. Neither store was stocking a VHS copy. (Now I’m officially behind the times.)
  • There’s a superfluous zipper-pull on my jacket that’s pulled down the front zipper. It’s gotten kind of loose lately. After I’ve been wearing the jacket for awhile, the zipper-pull creeps up the zipper a few inches. So I’ve found myself having to pull it back down again whenever I’ve been out walking around, a motion which I suspect doesn’t look entirely unlike someone surreptitiously adjusting his fly.
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  1. i know hollywood video stocks human nature on VHS. I rented it the week it came out, but didn’t get a chance to watch it, then I rented it again this weekend. I rented mainly because of Rhys Ifans… and it turned out to be a really interesting and funny movie. Definitely worth watching.

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